Welcome to Sweater Vest Hill. This Club was founded in August 2001 by people who love to ride, love to have fun, and love to B.S. This club originated at the Buffalo Chip Campground, Sturgis, SD (right below the swimming pond) and every year we continue to meet there during Sturgis Week Motorcycle Rally. WARNING: If you are not serious about motorcycle riding, having fun or can not B.S. then this club is not for you.

Shits & Giggles

Sweater Vest Hill MC was created for motorcycle riders to join together in their Sturgis Motorycyle Rally experiences. This website is designed to create a biker community in sharing personal Sturgis adventures, the people they met, the wild and not believable things they saw at Sturgis and to display their pictures. Also this site is to join together for Motorycycle Events and the Ins-and -Outs of Motorcyle Touring. Ow one more thing, Sweater Vest Hill MC is all about people letting their hair down and enjoying life. Life is Good - Lets Ride!

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